Pay Per Click Ad Management

Pay per click advertising is one way of driving instant traffic to your website to produce leads or online purchases and the beauty of pay per click is that the cost is only incurred when a user clicks on your ad.

Benefits are:

  • Gain instant targeted traffic
  • Pay only for clicks
  • Immediate comversions and ROI analysis for campaign improvements

In search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your ad will appear on the top, below or alongside of the oraganic (regular - free) search results. Depending on the campaign settings, ads may also appear on various sites that are part of Google, Bing and Yahoo networks.

With a Facebook Ad Campaign, your ad appears to users who fall under defined categories.

With optimization techniques such as keyword refinement, quality score management, bid management, geo-targeting, ad scheduling, ad copy optimization via continuous A/B testing and analysis, cost per click can potentially go down and conversions increase dramatically.

We also provide Google AdWords remarketing to make those who already visited websites via ads across the Google dispaly network, visible.

What we do:

  • account setup, keyword research
  • campaign management and optimization
  • landing page recommendation and mock-up design
  • A/B or slit testing
  • campaign monitorning and analysis
  • googer analytics
  • monthly reporting

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